JH Legacy Site

JH Legacy Site will be up at some point in the future

Note: I created this archival copy of Juergen's site so that his contributions to the music synthesizer world do not get lost over time. I reserved the domain names primarily to ease my conscience in the fact no one is going to use his good name for their own personal gain. This site is only for preservation and not for sales of any kind. I know from my long friendship with Juergen that this is what he would have wanted, and supporting his legacy is the least I can do. --Scott Rider a.k.a. The Old Crow

In May 2015 I transferred jhaible.com to a legal gurdian of JH's work, who is going to offer JH boards. I will keep jhaible.info to point to the legacy site. See jhaible.com for more info.

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JH's Legacy Site